Dear all,

Are you experiencing overruns in your project budget? Do you want to know exactly how changes to your project schedule impact your costs? And are you done with your spreadsheet induced insanity?

If you can answer the above questions with a heartfelt ‘YES’, despair no longer and join our free afternoon seminar during which we will discuss best practices and the critical role of software in helping you maximize your revenue while controlling costs.

As you might know, Intergraph® PP&M has acquired EcoSys Management LLC in 2015, a provider of best-in-class enterprise project controls software.

This strategic acquisition of EcoSys allow us to help you improve your project performance and provide you with greater productivity and value like never before.

How? Join our free afternoon seminar and find out how this solution can benefit you.


EcoSys EPC bridges the gap that has traditionally existed between planning and managing project execution. As your business depends on how effectively you are able to control project costs and schedule, and in particular, how well you can forecast, this is a seminar you cannot afford to miss!

We look forward to seeing you in London.
Best regards,

Sean Locke
Business Unit Director UK & Ireland
Intergraph UK (ltd)
Intergraph & EcoSys
  • how to improve your project controls efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness
  • how to achieve visibility into project cost performance
  • how to predict outcomes and take corrective action sooner
19th July, London
Hilton Paddington

Secure your space and register before the 12th July.

Join Hamish Stevenson from Turner & Townsend who will demonstrate how they have utilised EcoSys EPC.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Kristin Wingendorf.

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